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Dermaplaning & Microdermabrasion

Mini Dermaplane: $45

Full Dermaplane with enzyme treatment facial: $70

It creates the perfect canvas for makeup application and is the go-to treatment to prepare for high profile occasions!

Immediately reduces the appearance of:

image0 (1).jpeg
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne Scarring

  • Age Spots

  • Peach Fuzz

Dermaplaning is a physical/mechanical exfoliation that immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the top layer of skin cells from the stratum corneum along with vellus hair. 

Contraindications include:  

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Accutane

  • Blood Thinners or Aspirin 

  • Pustular or Cystic Acne

  • Active Cold Sores

  • Sunburn

  • Botox or Fillers--client must wait at last one week after injections for treatment

  • Retinol should be stopped 5 days before and after treatment

  • No chemical peels for 14 days prior to dermaplaning

Microdermabrasion (2 passes over face & neck~40 min): $60

Add On to Any Facial: $25

Microdermabrasion is a method of exfoliation that utilizes an abrasive surface to remove the thicker outer layer of the skin resulting in a rejuvenated, brighter appearance. Light suction is also used during the process to help reduce the appearance of congested pores while removing the exfoliated skin.

Microdermabrasion reduces the appearance of:

  • dark spots

  • acne

  • fine lines

  • wrinkles

  • acne scarring

  • stretch marks

  • textural issues/rough appearance


All microdermabrasion treatments include cleanse, microdermabrasion treatment, moisturizer, and SPF application.

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