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Kybella is a fat dissolving treatment that has been FDA approved for use under the chin, or "double chin". The area is numbed topically, prior to multiple injections in which deoxycholic acid is injected to melt the fat. Kybella is a permanent treatment and should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise. The most common side effect associated with kybella is swelling and can be significant for up to two weeks after treatment, but usually begins to improve about three days after treatment.

For best results, most patients require 2 to 4 total treatments. The number of treatments required along with the amount needed per treatment is specific to the patient and individualized depending on the size of the area. Consults are always free and we would be glad to have you come in for an estimate!

Consultation is required for pricing.

Kybella Before-and-After-Adra.jpeg
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