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Dysport & Xeomin

Starting at $9/unit

Dysport and Xeomin are all in a class of neuromuscular toxins that decrease movement of the muscle which they are injected into, therefore decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. 

xeomin before and after'.jpg

Picture taken 30 days after injections using Xeomin. Results will vary.

Results typically last 3-4 months and with time the muscle atrophies, therefore making treatments necessary less often.

Commonly treated areas:

  • Frown Lines (area between the eyebrows)

  • Forehead Lines

  • Crows Feet (lateral corners of eyes)

  • Bunny Lines (lines across nose)

  • Brow Lift

  • Gummy Smile

  • Lip Flip (increases the appearance of the upper lip without filler for more natural appearance)

  • Smoker's Lines

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